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Read at your own risk,this introduction is very dated as I am retired now, but too lazy to change it. 

"Let me introduce myself: my name is Denis Gouey, pronounced like Goulet without the "L".
I know, you'd think that because I'm a bookbinder the name would have been made up just for marketing purposes, but no, I assure you, I was born with it. So if you call me on the phone or refer me to a friend, don't call me gooey...please.
All right now enough of this and let's get to the point of this web site.
I have been a bookbinder for most of my growing and adult life, in short for several decades, having first learned the trade the old fashion way in France, I practiced it with private firms and institution before opening the Denis Gouey Bookbinding Studio, in New York City, a quarter of a century ago.
At the Studio, I specialize in the fine craft of bookbinding:

design and restoration of books as well as the preservation and presentation of important documents, photographs, scrapbooks, albums, artwork, and more.
Each book or document is treated on an individual basis, with respect for its historic and artistic value. For preservation I recommend museum book boxes  that I build according to industry standards.

My expertly crafted bindings are fashioned and executed neatly, according to your taste and within your budget. Designer covers can be done from your own designs or from my designs and sets can be bound in any style you choose.

A large collection of hand tools is available to the binder to create designs relating to the styles of the past five centuries. Our restorations are done in the most subtle manner and can be performed on leather as well as on cloth or paper bindings."

Interview With Denis Gouey, Bookbinder

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