Cutting the Trays

Start with a strip of card board about one inch and a quarter larger than the book and large enough for two witdth of the book plus about one inch and a quarter. This is for the support of the tray and should be made of thin card board, 4 ply museum board is good for that. Place the book on the … Continue reading

Preparing the spine

Preparing the spine Once the trays are done, we must prepare the spine for fashioning the cover. The front and rear boards are cut to size, the spine lining prepared with raised bands and the round spine support routed to fit. The leather is cut and pared, the spine lining mounted on support for … Continue reading

Assembling the cover

It's time now to assemble the cover of your box. This is done in the lying press, after notching the corners, the front and rear boards are paired to the trays, making sure that they are even and square to the tray, one spacing board is kept in place with double sided tape, and the fake spine also … Continue reading