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Denis Gouey does not encourage or promote book burning activities.

This page is only educational.

In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury spins a tale of book burning and suppression of knowledge.


Real life history tells us that this was not a novel idea.

Everybody knows about Nazi Germany and the book burning orgies:

Way before that, but quite after the torching of Alexander's great library,
Europe had a solution for the menacing spread of knowledge as depicted in the engravings below:



A 16th century wood block by Jost Amman



An 18th century French etching



An 18th century frontispiece for a French religious work


In the "The Book of Abraham", "written by Himself", published in Boston - for the purchaser- in 1846, the following woodcut is used as a frontispiece:




Book burning is still alive today as you can see on the following links:




Book Burning Censorship and Book Burning Bookburning wiki


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