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Fig- 1- tub of the press. A, the front shoe. B, the back shoe. C, the screws. D D , the guides. E, the bolt of the knife.
2. Back shoe. A , the hole of the bolt. B B , the hole of guide. C , sliding groove. 3. Front shoe. A, the hole of the screws. BB, the hole for the guides. C , notch of the knife. 4. Screw. A, the scew. B , the handle. 5. & 6. Guides. 7. Trimming knife. A, the knife. B, the eye.
8. Bolt of the trimming knife. A, the head. B , the stem. C, the screws.
9. Nut of the bolt. A A, the ears.
10. Key for the nut of the bolt. A , the eye. B, the handle.
11.& 12. backing boards.
13. Backed book . A, the book. BB, the boards.
14. Book in cords. A , the book. B B , the boards.
15. Shears. A A , the blades. BB, the washers.
16. Scissors. A A, the blades. BB, the washers.
17. Ruler to cut cardboard. A, the hand.
18. Paring knife. A, the knife. BB, the handles.
19. ruler or rail to hold down.
20. saw for sewing holes. A, the saw. B, the handle.
21. scraper. A A, the blades.
22. Polishing iron. A, the iron; B, the handle.
23. The paring knife . A, the blade. B, the handle.
24. Knife. A , the knife. B , the handle.
25. board for scraping skins. AA, the convex part.
26. Paring stone.
27. & 28. burnishers. A A, etc. the polishers.

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