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The top of image depicts a binder-gilder studio, where several workers are occupied ; one in a, gilding edges, another in b, pushes the roll on the board of one volume; near him is the stove to heat the tools: worker in c, applying gold leaves on the spines of the books.
Fig. 1. Table for tooling the books. A A, the top. B B, the feet.
2.gilding cushion. A A , the top. B B , the boards. C , small booklet full of gold leaves. D, cut gold leaf.
3. small cushion for edge gilding. A, the top. B B, the sides.
4. Stove to heat gilding tools. A, the ashtray. B , the grid. CC, the boards. D D, the feet.
5. press for gilding the edges. A A , the sides. B B , the screws. C C , the books pressed between boards.
6. side of back. AA, the hole of the nuts.
7. side. AA, the hole of the screws.
8. & 9. screws of the gilding press. A A, the screws. BB, the heads.
10. booklet full of gold leaves. A, the gold leaf.
11. small pot for glair. A, the pot. B, the brush.
12. & 13. gilding boards.
14. bucket placed under the gilding press, to receive dripping water.

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