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Fig. 1. blocking press. A A, the sides. B, the screws. C , the platen nut. D , the moving platen. E, the fixed platen. F , the small platen. G , the lever. H , the book, with one of the board in press. I , the cushion. K, the cabinet full of cushions, rolls, tools, & other gilding instruments.
2. & 3. sides of the press. A A , etc. the mortises. BB, the feet. CC, the tails notches. DD, the rails.
4. platen acting as a nut. A A , the head. B , the hole of the nut. C C, the tenons.
5. moving platen. A A, the tenons.
6. screws of the press. A , the screws. B, the head. C C , the hole. D, the turret.
7. small platen. A, the hole for the turret of the screws.
8. lever of the press.
9. notched platen. A A, the tenons. B B. the tails.
10. & 11. top platen & bottom of the cabinet. A A, etc. the tenons.
12. knife to cut gold leaf.
13. Simple ruler.
14. knife to cut gold leaf. A , the blade. B , the handle.
15. Tongs to lift & move gold leaf. A, the head. B, the branches.
16. burnishing stone. A, the tool. B, the handle.
17. polishing iron. A, the tooth. B, the handle.
18. tooling roll. A , the roll. B, the fork. C. the stem. D, the handle.
19. 20. & 21. Center & corner tools for gilding. A A, etc. the tools. B B , etc. the stems. D D , etc. the handles.
22. & 23. Brass letters for titling. A A , the tools. B B, the stems. C C , the manches.
24. Type holder. A, the pallet. B, the stem. C, the handle.
25. simple pallet. A, the pallet. B , the stem. C, the handle.
26. scraper with two heads. A, the blade. B, C, the handle.
27. Gilder's pallet for coats of arms. A , the cushion. B, the tenon.
23. Drawing of a monogram used on the spine of books.

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