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This chapter on Bookbinding is from Diderot’s Encyclopedie,

published over the course of more than twenty years (1751-1777):


Containing 6 Plates

planche 1

The top of this Plate depicts a bindery, where several binders are occupied , one in a , in beating the swell; another b, called a sewer , sewing a book ; a third in c, trimming the edges in the lying press, another in d, closing the wide press : the rest of the bindery employed in various bookbinding steps.
fig. 1. beating marble . A, the marble. B, the block.
2. block of the beating marble. A A, notch.
3. the beating hammer. A , the head. B, the handle.
4. sewing bench . A A, the top of the bench. BB, mortise. CC, the feet. DD, the threaded uprights . E, the bar. F F, the sewing threads.
5. & 6. balls of thread to sew the books,
7. the bar of the sewing bench. A, the curved part. B B, the nuts.
8 & 9. Figure of the sewing bench. A A, the screws. BB, the pivots.
10. & 11. the collars of the screws of the sewing bench.
12. Template. A A , the notches.
13. & 14. large & small folder.