How to make a book?

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How to bind a book?

If you are looking for useful how-to links, Practical Book Binding or Bookbinding for Amateurs are a good start, with useful tips for hobby and professional bookbinders alike. Useful for , Paper and cardboard constructions and for the aspiring designer, An Essay on Color.
The Diderot pages will help you with the equipment necessary for the trade, specially if you wish to build your own presses, sewing frames, cutting plows etc.

The stain glass image underneath is after a woodblock by Jost Jobst Amman one of the most popular artist in Germany with a prolific output. It depicts a bookbinder at work, cutting the edges of a book on a plough, a press designed for the purpose. In the background is another binder sewing a book on a sewing frame and on the walls are displayed rolls, palettes and other tools used in .

Medieval Bookbinding Studio
Stainglass after Jost Amman

I sincerely hope that you will find this web site useful for the links leading to the many facets of the trade of bookbinding. Oh, yes, I forgot, people love to pin us on Pinterest as you can see here