Plate 20, 21, 22

Plate XX.

 DRELINCOURT, les consolations de lame fickle conte la mort.

Charenton 1651. Cassel, theol. moral. 4th 3.

The work is dedicated to the Landgrafin of Hesse: la douairière princesse de l’impire, that is, to the Landgrafin Amalie Elisabeth.
Binding: millboard covered with dark scarlet red morocco. 240, 190, 30 mm.
Sewing: 5 bands and kettle-stitch. Headband worked with silk. Plain gilt edges.
Decoration: in the style of le Gascon-Badier, covered with very delicate filigree ornament, composed entirely of small tools and surrounded by a roll border. The panels of the back are decorated with corners and a centre flower of filigree ; in the second panel from the top is the title: Consolations I contre la mort.

Plate XXI. 

DRELINCOURT, les consolations . . nouvelle edition.

Charenton 1669. 

Cassel, theol. moral. 410 2.

With the same dedication as the preceding volume, although Amalie Elisabeth had died in 1651. The dedication is also continued in the succeeding editions.
Binding: Millboard covered with dark scarlet morocco. 260, 200, 30 mm.
Sewing: 5 double cords &c., as above, gilt edges smooth. Panel. of the back similar to those of the preceding, even to the title.
The character of the ornamentation is essentially different to that of the foregoing volume, but both may again be distinguished from all succeeding Heidelberg bindings by the absence of a definite outline, which, in the latter cases, is always furnished by wavy bands or by line borders.
The first volume (Plate XX) may be the work of Le Gascon himself, but can never have been produced in Cassel or Heidelberg. If it is one of the copies mentioned in those catalogues, the Pfalzgrafin must have received it shortly after the death of her mother — consolations contre la mort — as there is no doubt that a bound dedicatory copy reached her hands. Further research would perhaps give a still more definite conclusion. It is not beyond belief that the first copy, on its arrival at Heidelberg, gave the impulse to the adoption of this beautiful style and to the purchase of the requisite tools.


Plate XXII. 

BIBLIA, d. i. die ganze heilige Schrift etc. Frankfurt aM. 1668.

 Mit churpfalzischem als d. h. Reichs Vicarii . . . Privilegio. 

Cassel, Biblia germ. fol. 3 (H: geistliche Biicher fol. 23).

Binding: Strong millboard covered with red morocco, 465, 290, 120. 6 double cords, kettle-stitch, headband worked with coloured silk over a pad on a strip of vellum. Plain gilt edges.
Decoration : The panels of the back are enclosed by double lines, and have triangular corner and lozenge-shaped ornaments composed of the small tools used for the front side as well as some which occur on plate XXIV.A. A. roll of ovals anti, diamonds runs along the bands, Both covers have been treated in pure filigree style, so that it is very possible that the border too may have been produced by actual wire filigree. The rayed rosettes so characteristic of the German filigree style (they have also been compared with fans) have here been worked with a semicircular tool.