PLATE 23, 24A, 24B

Plate XXIII.
Gottfried oder erlosetes Jerusalem. 

A metrical translation of the well known original.

Frankfurt a,M. 1651.
Cassel, poet. ital. 4t. 5. (H: Aa in Quarto I 7).

Binding: Millboard covered with red morocco. 24o, 190, 40 mm. 5 double cords, smooth gilt edges.
Decoration: as shown, the apparently darker colour of the bands is due to rubbing. In each panel of the back is an oval line surrounded by delicate pearls, the centre occupied by a filigree rosette surrounded by numerous gold dots. The design is perfectly clear, effective and carefully executed. The engraving of the tools is excellent.

Plate XXIV A.
VON DER LINDEN, Hyppocratis opera. Lugduni
Batavorum 1665.
Cassel, med. oper. 8v0 4. (H: Aa in Quarto 68 & 69).
In manuscript on the fly-leaf: Serenissimo principi Carob
Comiti Palatino hunc . . . ejus Bibliothecae dedicat et offert .. .
Andreas Steigerus med. Dr.

Binding: Millboard covered with bright red morocco. 205, 118, 44 mm.
Decoration: The panels of the back have exactly the same rosettes as No. 23, except that the inner gold dots are exchanged for rings.
The arrangement of the covers is also similar, only the bands are stained dark, enclosed with double contour lines and the rings and loops of the filigree lozenges have been filled up with silver dots. As has already been remarked by Adam : der Bucheinband p. 248, the silver has been mixed with white, in order, I take it, to prevent tarnishing and to diminish the glitter
which might impair the effect of the gold. The half rosettes have here been worked with one stamp. To conceal any inaccuracy of joining, the ends of the contour lines were very effectively covered with gold dots.

Plate XXIV B.
THOMAS WILLIS, de anima brutorum .
Oxonii 1672.Cassel, log. metaph. 4t0 24. (H; lit. 0 in Quarto 5).

Binding: Millboard covered with calf. 23o, 170, 37 mm. Edges uncoloured, sprinkled red and black.
Decoration : Each panel of the back is enclosed by lines of gold
and rows of dots running beside the bands; the second panel from the top bears the title: WILLIS . DE. I . ANIMA . BRVTOR. I The other panels have a centre rose of rings filled with silver, and on each side a large tulip in gold.
The covers have a broad, dark stained border (the surface has peeled off considerably). The bands are painted or stained black. The centre of the whole and the pointed leaves and larger rings are filled with silver. 

Apart from the gilding, which has been spoilt by the bad leather, the effect of the cover is good. Only 12 tools, including the lines and dots, were used.
Plate XXV. PHILOTHEI, Symbola christiana. Frankf. alM. 1677.
Cassel, Emblemata fol. 9. (H: lit. N. fol. 36, besides this 2 bound
and 6 unbound copies, none of which are any longer in Cassel).
Dedicated to Professor P. Hachenberg of Heidelberg.
Contains a number of quite dreadful emblems engraved in
copper, with Latin verses appended. The pseudonym stands for
the Pfalzgraf Carl, the founder of the new Court Library. This
also accounts for the number of copies.