Plate 29, 30a, 30b

 Plate XXIX.

JOH. BERGII, 39 Predigten. Frankfurt a 0. 1664.
Cassel, theol. past. horn. 4t0 36. (H: lit. T in Quarto 32.)

The work is dedicated to the Markgrafin Louise of Brandenburg.
Binding: Millboard with bright red morocco, 205, 150, 75 mm.
Edges gilt with scraped lozenges and punched contours, on each side a compartment with a fan rosette with chain pattern border.
The decoration of the cover differs, both in the general arrangement and in the character of the tools used, from any given in this volume or that I have seen elsewhere. Its metallic character is conspicuous in the fuller and more uniform covering of the ground. With a few modifications the design might be used as a pattern for metal-work. It is remarkable how few tools have been used. A / and a shaped > filigree tool, the sector for the rosettes with the points and dots, a number of tiny dots, flowerets, one round tool, and 4 rolls, only 15 pieces, including the lines.

Plate XXX,A.
BROWERUS, Fuldensium Antiquitatum lib. V.
Antwerpiae 1612 (ex off. Plantiniana.)

Manuscript entry on the title-page, partly cut away when rebinding: at top: Sum ex libris. .lat bottom: Ego Wolfgdono accep Prof. Ord. Herbip. dono Kolbio Can . admodum dO Duo Annico Novi bros. Monasterij Kolb N Monasterii Canonico 5 Junii 1645.
Before the present binding was put on , therefore, the book must have been in the hands of two owners and, in fact, in Wiirzburg where it was probably rebound. The watermark of the end-paper is STWM in a border.
Binding: Millboard covered with common tanned leather, 170, 24o, 27 mm. 5 cords and kettle-stitch; the headband sewed in long stitches with white and blue thread on to a strip of linen pasted to the covers. The volume is very firm, but opens well. Edges gilt. 2 strings.
Decoration: Gold tooling with rolls. The outer is a modification of the old Gothic floriated border; the centre piece, like the corners, is combined from a number of tools and has in its centre a gem in imitation. The tool with the crown reminds one of the Cassel volume XXXIX. The disappearance of the gold is probably due to the oil in the leather.

Plate XXX,B.
H. DE CHERBURY, de veritate . . . . 2nd edition,London 1633.
Cassel, log. met. 4t0 22.

End-papers and book have similar watermarks.
Binding: Millboard covered with chestnut morocco, 235, 180, 2 mm. Sewed on 4 flat, non-projecting bands and 3 broad, glued-on vellum strips, headband worked with green silk on a strip of vellum (?), narrow green strings, smooth gilt edges.
The decoration as shown on the Plate is combined from small tools and the gilding is excellent. The back is covered with a series of scrolls in which and in the semicircles thus formed there are little flowers. In spite of the inaccurate execution, the use of the tools cut from a French pattern (Eve) is interesting, as the binding is probably an English one. The use of the “fanfares” in this way has not, I think, been published previously.