Plate 3, 4 and 5 MISSALE, Manuscript on vellum

Plate III.

( J. RODE) 1. Ritterspiegel (Knight’s Mirror),

2c. Rechtsbuch, 3. Treatise on the seven Liberal Arts
Manuscript on paper: date about 1400.
Cassel, Ms. poet. rom. 4° 8 (an old heirloom of the Landgraf’s Family).


The Ritterspiegel is in rhyme and contains instructions for the highest sociological and heraldic value how a true knight should be educated and conduct himself.

Binding: Oak boards, beveled all round and covered with dark brown calf. 210, 130, 6o mm.
The volume formerly had strings furnished with a hook at the ends to fasten into the eyes on the front cover. The ornaments, of original design, are scored and chased. The bosses are conical, turned brass nails. The method of sewing may be seen from the plate, the headband still retains its band of carmine red.


Plate IV.

MISSALE, Manuscript on vellum, of the year 1463.
Cassel, Ms. theol. fol. 13i (from the Chapter library, Fritzlar).


The following record of the origin of the book exists on leaf Ib :

Dominice incarnaciois anno millesimo | quadringentesimo sexagesimo tercio | dus ichas kirchain decan9 ecclesie fritzla |  riensis hoc altare instituit et fierri fecit et | presentem labrum procuravit suis propriis expensis | In honorem omnipotentis . . .

On fol. 126bis after the vere dignum &c. is a whole-page miniature of no great artistic value, representing the crucifixion. Beneath the cross the founder is kneeling, attired in his robes of office with an ermine biretta and holding his shield in his hand. On the upper margin of the opposite page may be read in small letters: pace fredico adolffo, perhaps the name of the painter. The fly- leaves bear a list of later date, showing the estates and revenues with which this altar of S. John was endowed.

Binding: Oak boards bevelled all round, 395, 280, 80 mm., covered with beautiful dark chestnut brown calf. The boards are lined with vellum; the edges coloured greenish yellow.

Sewing: 4 double and 3 single cords. The thread only passes round the double cords, and the kettle -stitch is about 1 cm. from head and tail. The headband which is let into the boards, and covered with a linen thread, which is kept in place by a thread which passes through the kettle-stitch hole of every other sheet; it is also covered with carmine red thread.
The decoration, in blind tooling, is the same on both covers, except the shield, and is remarkable for the inscription impressed with type and for the bookbinder’s token: 3 awls on a shield.
(Cf. the next volume.)

Plate V.

LECTIONARY written on vellum, about the middle of the 15th century.

Cassel, Ms. theol. fol. 115 (from the Chapter library, Fritzlar).

Without any entry to indicate the exact date or the provenance.
Binding: Oak boards beveled all round, 455, 310, 100 mm., covered with dark calf. The bosses are now missing, clasps, as in the case of the previous volume, were never attached. Edges greenish, back smooth.
Sewing: 6 double bands of white sheep , the kettle-stitch band is also a plain leather band round which the thread passes. The headband is let into the boards, and covered with a linen thread, which is passed through and round each sheet about 8 mm. from the margin of the paper. A broad vellum strip still remains glued on the back and covers between every two bands. The strips at head and tail have been plaited into the headband by a red thread,

With the exception of the scored and punched shield, the ornamentation is identical on both covers. The scroll-work of the ground pattern has been done with a pair of tools, one right, the other left handed. Half and whole continuous scroll tools occur on other bindings also. The circular tool with yhs is identical with that on Plate IV, and the same binder’s mark occurs also on the painted shield.