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Short essays on bookbinding

A work in progress, here are gathered short essays about bookbinding and related topics, some gathered from monthly magazines, some from chapters in books, offered here for your enjoyement....

The Bookbinder, short essai about the bookbinding trade is taken from "The Book of Trades, Or Library of the Useful Arts", Part 3, published by Benjamin Tabart, in three volumes, in 1804-1805.

Short essay on bookbinding , is an excerpt from "The American Handbook of Printing, containing in brief and simple style something about every department of the Art and Business of Printing". 3rd ed. New York: Oswald Publishing Co., 1913.

The Arts and Crafts for Beginners  by  Frank G. Sanford, director of Arts and Crafts, Chaotauqua, N. Y. Illustrated with working drawings by the autor and photographs, New York: The Century Co 1913

Binding at the Norwich Academy, published in 1903 in Norwich Connecticut as a small pamphlet for the school use.

The Gems of Art, articles by S. T. Prideaux in the Gems of Art, 1895 on embroidered and metal covered bindings

 The Origins of Publishers Cloth Binding, by John Carter, published in part 8 of the Colophon in 1931

Modern Bookbinding, by S. Humarks in The Inland Printer, Volume 35 July 1906 Number 4

Michael Faraday, beginnings as a bookbinder, from the Boys' Scrap Book for 1839

Burnishing marbled paper, by Jacob Abbott; NY: Harper & Brothers, 1855

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