THE PROCESS OF GILDING AND BRONZING PICTURE FRAMES Was entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1884 by ISAAC H. WALKER, In the office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington. This short book on the topic is extremely rare and is republished here for the first time. Copyright … Continue reading

History of gilding

  PRELIMINARY REMARKS ON The art of gilding has been practiced from the earliest dates. Mention of it is made in the Scriptures, and it was known to the Egyptians, who made an extensive use of it in the ornamentation of their burial cases. It became to be generally used amongst the Romans … Continue reading

Supplies and tools

THE GILDING PROCESS I. I will now proceed to give a list and description of the various implements and materials which are reequired in the process of gilding picture frames. 1.-A GILDING CUSHION, on which to lay the leaves of gold preparatory to cutting them into the sizes required for laying. … Continue reading

Gilding process

III. We will now proceed in earnest to the serious work of gilding a picture frame. 1.-Commence by weighing out one ounce and a half of glue or gelatine. Put this into a cup and pour over it eight ounces of water by measurement. This of course vou will do with the aid of your graduuated glass … Continue reading

Gilding, Bronzing process

THE BRONZING PROCESS I. The implements and materials required for the bronzing process are the same as those required for gilding, with the exception of the gold leaf, the cushion knife and tips and with the addition of the BRONZE POWDERS of the necessary colors, and of COPAL VARNISH. These may be … Continue reading