Norwich Academy Bindery

  The Bindery Crafts which develope both mental power and skill of hand are steadily gaining in favor in this country. The system Of apprenticeship, by which it was possible to learn a trade while serving under a master- craftsman, is past, and in its place a few institutions which realize … Continue reading

Linpincott and Grambo

GODEY'S LADY"S BOOK PHILADELPHIA, NOVEMBER, 1852. ILLUSTRATED WITH PEN AND GRAVER. BY C. T. HINKLEY A DAY AT THE BOOKBINDERY OF LIPPINCOTT, GRAMBO, & Co. Having given our readers, in our last article, an insight into the mechanical operation required to set the types and print the sheets of a … Continue reading

Modern Bookbinding

MODERN BOOKBINDING. BY S. HUMARKS NO. XVI.- CATALOGUE AND PAMPHLET BINDING. ODERN advertising literature has grown both in bulk and variety within the last few years to such an extent that special binding methods have become necessary for the preservation of this class of work. The object of … Continue reading

Early English Bindings

Design in early English bookbinding, From The Bookbinder : an illustrated journal for binders, librarians, and all lovers of books Vol. 2, No 17 (Nov. 28, 1888) OF the following examples a to e are from English, and  f to l from German bindings. The earliest (a), from the cover of a manuscript … Continue reading


SOME SUMPTUOUS BOOK-BINDINGS CARRIED OUT AT THE MERRYMOUNT PRESS, BOSTON. BY NATHAN HASKELL DOLE. THE BREAKING of the "alabaster box of ointment, very precious," and Christ's rebuke to those who condemned the extravagance will always serve for a sufficient justification to the conscientious for any … Continue reading