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The Denis Gouey Bookbinding Studio

Welcome to BOOKBINDING! is a site dedicated to book binding. Our aim is to help you understand what book binding is by answering the many questions you may have, with examples and text written on the art of binding books.


If you are looking for how-to links, Practical Bookbinding or Bookbinding for Amateurs are a good start, with useful tips for hobby and professional bookbinders alike. Useful for Grade School Teachers, Paper and Cardboard Construction, and for the aspiring designer, An Essay on Color.
Diderot pages on Bookbinding will help you with the equipment necessary for the trade, specially if you wish to build your own presses, sewing frames, cutting plows etc.

Museum boxes are an important part of bookbinding and preservation, so I prepared a step by step tutorial on the process. Sometimes some skills cross over from trade to trade. It's in this spirit that I have published a rare work on Gilding and Bronzing picture frames, where you will find pointers on this topic.

Here is a complete list of our publications, articles and books on book binding.

The bookbinder stain glass picture at the woodblock by Jost Amman.

I sincerely hope that you will find this web site useful for the links leading to the many facets of bookbinding trade or hobby, thank you for spending some time with me.

I will periodically add more information about bookbinding and publish hard to find works on the topic, so come back often and enjoy your visits.



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