A book plate is a little device or label executed for the individual owning the books in which it is pasted as an indication of such ownership. The design for a book plate is usually personal in character and is especially suited to the person for whom it is executed. The bookplate idea is an old … Continue reading


Requirements of Bookcover Designs. Modern bookcover designs do not follow closely the styles of the ancient historical bookcovers, owing to the great change in the methods of manufacture. It is necessary, however, that the designer should be familiar with the historical styles in order that he may … Continue reading

Influences and Styles

Grolier. The styles of bookcover design that prevailed in different periods, unlike the style of ornament that is characteristic of each period, usually take their names from their designers rather than from the ruling monarch. For instance, many of the bookcovers made during the reigns 7 of Louis … Continue reading

Character of Modern Bookbinding

Character of Modern Binding. It must not be supposed that the binding of books in individual copies, the covers of which are ornamented with particular devices, as seen con ne ensure y to antiquity. It is quite customary at the present day to bind books with covers to suit their owner or match the … Continue reading

Printed Covers

Various Technical Stamping and Printing Processes. Printed bookcovers offer the greatest opportunity for designers, as it is commercial work that pre?sents the greatest field for this class of craftsnen. Printed bookcovers are executed on paper, parchment, cloth, canvas, leather, and sometimes even … Continue reading