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  A TRUE DESCRIPTION OF ALL TRADES PUBLISHED IN FRANKFORT IN THE YEAR 1568 WITH SIX OF THE ILLUSTRATIONS BY JOBST AMMAN MERGENTHALER LINOTYPE CO. BROOKLYN, NEW YORK 1930  In the year 1568 the renowned Frankfort publisher, Sigmund Feyerabend, printed at the press of Georg Raben a book called the Eygentliche Beschreibung aller Stande, being a collection of woodcuts illustrating all manner of trades and professions. Each woodcut is accompanied by doggerel verses written by the popular Nuremberg poet, Hans Sachs, and printed in Fraktur, which in the second half of the sixteenth century had become the standard type for all texts in the German language. The verses give much less information than the woodcuts, which illustrate the work of…



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